Michael Jackson Trial

Santa Maria,  CA

March 12 - 14, 2005


trucks and courthouse
This is not even a quarter of the satellite trucks when I visited here. That is the now famous court house with the red tile roof.  The white tents are the media cameras.

loads of tents
Here are the same tents and more of them.  Behind the row of tents is a chain link fence and a neutral zone to keep the protesters and fans just a bit away from the media.  The fans and loonies would assemble on the grass and the side walk.  The is another little fence to keep the fans from clogging-up the street. 

NBC Tower
The NBC Tower soared 3 stories above everyone else.  This is where I took the last 2 pictures from.  The upstairs is the set with cameras and lights.  Downstairs is the "work area"  they had tables and chairs, Internet, a few lights, printer, fax, television, and pizza.

row of tents
And here is the row of media with their lenses cocked to get a shot of Jackson walking into the court room,  then they wait all day, and a shot of Jackson leaving.  There is a smaller room behind the courthouse where reporters could sit and listen to the proceedings but they court clerk had a phone, pager, and blackberry check area.  The folks under the tents had phones and some had Internet.  They just could not leave because Jackson might leave the court room ant any moment.

Here is what it looks like under the tents.  Nothing is happening right now but around news time all the reporters stand up against the fence.  Then there is a column of lights and cameras, behind them the chairs, trash cans and producers.

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