Tombstone,  AZ

April 1, 2005


the hall
May 1st we came down to Tombstone Arizona to observe the minutemen register for their border patrol.  They are going to sit on the Arizona-Mexico border and report illegals crossing the border.  This is a big deal down here in the southwest.  Inside the Schieffelin Hall are tables and chairs and people filling out forms.  I think they registered about one thousand people over the weekend. 

registration wide
Outside the hall the minute men lined up and the press took pictures of them.  There are almost as many press here covering the minutemen as there are minute men.  There are about a dozen people here with the new Sony HD consumer camcorder shooting documentaries.  It was really crazy.

media land
Across the street the media trucks setup for the on-slought.  There were about 8 trucks here. 

In the afternoon a bus with protesters showed up.  Out came Native Americans playing drums and dancing around.  The camera men pounced on them to take pictures and get sound of the drums.

Right behind them were the hippies and university protesters, yes the guy in the hoody had birkenstocks on his feet.  They blew whistles and banged on pots and pans.  Together the hippies and the indians made quite a noise.  The cameras focused on them for about 90 minutes of drums and chanting.  Nobody ever made a speech or voiced a verbal position,that I know of, but the news personal hovered just in case.  Then they left.

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