North Carolina Wreck Diving

Moorehead City,  NC

June 27-29, 2005


cactus and Papose
.My Cousin and I did some diving in North Carolina.  Of course the cactus could not be left behind so I go his picture out of the way early.  This ship is the Papoose.  It is a WWII tanker.  It was sunk in March, 19th 1942 by the Germans.  When it sank it rolled over and is mostly upside down.  this picture is   the very stern of the ship in the gap where the propeller should be.  The large column on the right is rudder, upside down,

jeff w and sharks
This is my cousin Jeff Westin swimming just after we swam through the gap where the rudder is.  When we looked around we saw about 20-30 sand tiger sharks just sitting on the bottom.  There is one swimming in front of Jeff.  Behind him, (above his tank) are the lines of sharks on the bottom.  The water is cloudy and they are really hard to see in this photo.

shark aeolus
On another dive on the wreck of the Aeolus I turned around and snapped this picture.  This guy is about 7 feet long maybe 8.  He is a Sand Tiger Shark.  Just below his left fin is Jeff Westin's head and air hose.  This shark didn't really care that we there.  He was just swimming around checking out all the excitement.  A bit later in the dive another shark swam right in front of me.  With a temptation like that I reached out an petted it.  Even through gloves I could feel his skin is very rough.  It felt like 40 grit sand paper, the fabric of my glove even snagged a bit on the bumps of his skin.  As I touched his back and tail he just kinda looked back with that "what are you doing" look and swam off.

Jim with one leg
This was another diver on the boat.  His name is Jim and he was vacationing from New Jersey.  If you look closely you can see that his legs are not the same length.  He lost his right leg years ago but would not stop diving.  He made a special prosthetic leg just for diving.  All reports are this is the best diving leg so far.

bat ray
I was not looking for much in the way of sea life on these dives.  The sharks were neat and this little bat ray fluttered along the wreck of the Indra with some grace.

u352 submarine
Well this here wreck is the whole reason we came to North Carolina. This is the U352 an German WWII submarine.  Sadly for us the water was a bit cloudy and we were the last divers to get down to the wreck   Mostly all I can say is submarines are thin and long.  This one is well on its way to rusting away under the water.  It was sunk in 1942 by the US Coast Guard.  The people that dive on it regularly go inside and bring up little bits of it, wrenches, gages, coins, silver wear and stuff like that. 

deck gun
The dive shop brought up the deck gun several years ago.  this gun was mounted on top of the submarine.  When the sub  was on the surface it could shoot 88mm shells at boats with out wasting a torpedo.

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