Tucson Softball

Tucson,  AZ

April 10 & May 28, 2005


just 2 trucks
 April started the first of 3 trips to Tucson for ESPNUniversity telecasting University of Arizona Softball and Baseball.  This is the first trip and the perfect setup.  Notice how the small uplink truck can park and still allow plenty of room for cars to navigate the street and the tech manager can even park in front of me.  Yes I have to park the wrong way for the satellite dish to work but that is no big deal.  Also notice Arizona in April, blue clouds, nice breeze, and the temp is 78.

cactus on camera
The cactus is jupy today.  He wants to jun the cameras.

rain 1
This is what happens when it rains in Arizona in May.  Our third and final trip to Tucson for ESPNU.  This water took about 15-20 minutes to rise above the curbs on both sides of the street.  The softball game ended just a few minutes befor the water got up this high.  There were 2 outs and a full count on possibly the last batter for Oklahoma.  She struck out ending the game in the downpour.  If she walked or got on base the would have been suspended and finished the next day.  Nobody in the trucks wanted that.  There was much rejoicing when she struck out.

rain 3
We all waited about an hour and a half for the rain to pour down and the street to become pavement again.  In the mean time the production truck, the uplink, and the generator were shut down and powered off.  Yep, the black wires hanging off my bumper are the power cables.  The conectors are hanging from the trailer hitch.  The black stabilizing jack is sitting on a 4x4 piece of wood. 

flooded street
Here is the street we are parked on.  After looking around the neighborhood, after it let up, we surveyed that 4 streets all drain onto our street. 

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