Cheapo Vegas

Las Vegas,  NV

June 9- 11, 2006


cactus at hooters
Our first order of business in Vegas is to check out the new HOOTERS casino.  The Cactus didn't care to much for the cocktail waitresses but was interested in this little golf cart shaped like a Humvee.  What was he thinking.

wedding / keno
We heard that the Hooters casino had a wedding chapel.  Here we see Robert and Phil waiting for a keno runner in the Keno room / Wedding chapel.  We thing they might turn the keno TV off if there is as wedding happening.  And no a keno runner never came by, nor did a cocktail waitress.

phil and matt
Phil and Matt prepare for a special Soriee.  The Gold Spike Hotel and Casino has eliminated all of its 3 blackjack tables but has a much more relaxed policy on photography in the casino.

phill done
At the end of the night I tried to capture the final emotion of the evening.  Phil lost interest in consciousness and I had to settle for a reflective, mostly framed, shot.  This is about 4am, After the soriee, $1 craps in Henderson, a proud cruising of Freemont street, and pie at the Gold Spike cafe.

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