New Years Eve 2007

Somewhere, AZ

December 31, 2007


Jeff with Bomark
Here is Jeff with a model rocket of the Bomarc (IM-99) interceptor missile .  The rocket from the 50s could shoot down a soviet rocket.  This one should fly about 600 feet up.

Bomark launch
Here is the launch.  It looked really good going up.

Jeff and Klingon
Jeff builds another rocket.  This one is a model of a Klingon Battle cruiser.  It broke one of those thin wings on its first flight.

silver rocket
Rodd also launched a rocket called Metalizer.  It was really shiny and easy to see up in the sky.  Another bonus we had was several kids were out camping with us.  Do you know how much fun it is to chase a rocket.

lighting the fire
As the evening grew closer it was time to light the big camp fire.  This group uses a roman candle to send the fire to the pile of wood.  First shot was to high, second shot bounced off the dirt.  The third shot was just right and caught the gasoline soaked wood a light.

train and camp
With the fire going the sun set slowly in the west.  The sun just glows off the reflective box cars and the steel rail.  Yes we really do cam this close to the rail road.

Part of the evenings entertainment was a rope of 8,000 firecrackers.  This rope detonated for a continuous 35 seconds.  It was very loud, very long, and very messy.

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