Catalina Island

Avalon CA

July 28, 2007


Kelp bub
This is the bud on a kelp plat.  This will grow into a huge leaf.

sea hare
I think this is a big Sea Hare.  It is like a snail but the shell is on the inside.  This this ts about a foot long and shaped like a football.

sea hare 2
Here is another view of the Sea Hare.  They are big time algae eaters.  I think it looks like an over grown pomegranate.

surf perch
A small school of Blacksmith.

rock fish
This scorpion fish was guarding his hole and keeping an eye on me.

There was a keyhole limpet on each dive we did.  This is another sort of snail.

king neptune
This is the dive boat King Neptune.  Here is the link to their site.  On Friday there were only six divers, oh the room.  For the Saturday dive we were among the bakers dozen on board.

bait school
When the dive at Twin rock started my buddy and I found our selves in the middle of a big school of fish.  Every way I looked the school was this thick in all directions,  They did keep a consistent two feet from all divers at all times.
cactus school

I think this is what the anchovy looks like before it is salted and packed into little cans.

Here comes the Garibaldi to defend his sea floor from the invading Arizona cactus.

These little guys are Black Eyed Gobi.  They are about 2 inches long.

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