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Cozumel, Mexico

September 8 - 15, 2007


Here is the group picture of everybody before we go out on out Tuesday Night dive. 

This guy is a Black Grouper.  He is a bout 50 pounds and about 4 feet long. 

This is a small school of Gery Snapper.  They are hanging out under this coral overhang because the current nice and calm under here. 

toad fish
This is the Splendid Toad fish.  He is a bit shy and stayed in this hole.  When in Cozumel this is the fish to come and see.  On the right up in the rocks is a small arrow crab.

This is another of the Cozumel favorites, this is a Drum fish. 

This here is the French Angel fish.  There are a few different angel fish in the reefs in Cozumel.  We saw lots of French Angel.  Usually they swim in pairs.  I just focused in on this single fish.

Hey the Cactus got himself a pair of fins this time.  Better to swim in the Cozumel drift.  The Parrot fish would have nothing to do with an Arizona cactus.

shell trail
This is a Conch shell.  With the snail still inside.  You can see the "foot prints" it left in the sand crawls along the bottom.

This is the Spiny Lobster.  We saw them walking around on the night dives and safely tucked in their holes on the day light dives.  This one is about 18 inches long and would make a good meal.  All of our dives are inside the Chankanaab National Park  in Cozumel.  This means we will have to leave this guy alone, and eat lobster at the restaurant. 

This is the boat dock where we boarded Ocean Three our exclusive dive boat for the week.  These are all the air tanks we used during a morning of diving.  The boat is run by Aqua Safari in Cozumel.

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