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Cozumel, Mexico

September 8 - 15, 2007


group swim
Here is a picture of 10 of us swimming along the bottom.

jeff cactus
Here is Jeff and Cactus Jack out for a stroll in the coral.

On the small side of things the Secretary Blenny lives in a hole in the coral and is only a couple of inches long.

In the department of weird fish; This Peacock flounder has his big eyes on the top of his head.  We saw a few of these fish.  They prefer to keep out of site on flat rocks, coral or the flat part of a ship wreck.

tong shell
This is another snail living in the coral.  This Flamingo Tong Shell is only an inch long.

nurse shark
Of course we saw a shark.  This is a Nurse shark.  They are very docile and this 6 footer just sat on the sand and let me take several pictures.  Some other people on the trip saw a Black tip Reef shark but I missed that one.

Trigger fish
This Trigger Fish was posing for this photo. 

trunk fish
One cannot complete a trip to Cozumel without the Spotted Trunk Fish. 

ruins arch
Here are a few intrepid explores at the San Gervasio Ruins.  Feliza, Jeff, and Brian pass under the arch.

Cactus Ruins
Of course the Cactus visited the Ruins too. 

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