New Frontier Implosion

Las Vegas NV

November 13, 2007


airplane wash down
While at the airport I witnessed a special event.  This 737 full of veterans got a "Wash Down" when it landed here in Phoenix.  This is a very prestegious honor in the airplane world.

This is the New Frontier before the implosion.  The black bands are blankets to hold the blast down.  Some of the dynamite is on these 2 floors.

Before they puished the button there was a fun fireworks show.

falling 1
This the building as it is falling.  Thanks Diceman for this pict.

falling 2
Another picture of it coming down just a second later. 

rubble pile
And now the New Frontier is no more.  The Wynn is in the background with the black glass and the yellow stripe.  There is a 7 story hotel still up.  This came down using conventional demolition.

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