The Grinch Party

Tempe AZ

December 23, 2007


Scott and Christine
Here are some of my friends at our annual Christmas Grinch party.
This is Scott and Christine friends of Jeff's from work.

Linda and Jeff
This is Linda and Jeff.  I met Linda at another friends party and she joined us for this one.

Keith and Briana
Keith and Briana always take a good picture.

Aron and a book
Linda stares at the fire pit while Aaron expouses his dislike for novels based on moves.  "This is not Star Wars canon."

book burning
Here the evil novelization is consumed by the heat of Aarons antipathy.

Rodd and Jane
Jane and Rodd always have a good time.

Cousin done
Cousin Jason has had enough for the night.  He beat everyone at Guitar Hero.

Dave Done-
Even Dave finally called it a night.

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