Northern California

Bay Area, CA

January 4-6, 2007


SF bay
This is a view of San Francisco bay from Berkeley looking west.  That is the Golden Gate right in the middle.

I visited the Lawrence Hall of Science on the Berkeley campus.  This giant modle of DNA is right out front.

DNA art
DNA is also good for climbing and art photos.

ari cameras
The next day I visited some friends up in Richmond.  Daniel is in the red jacket, Jeff in the middle, and Robert in the dark sweater.  This picture is being taken by Lauren with my camera so "Hi" to Lauren.  Daniel has a CD out and here is a link to one of the videos on the album on youtube.

Pillar sunset
This is Sunset at Pillar Point.  Pillar Point is South of San Franciscio near Half Moon Bay.  It just lookd like a good place to stop and see the sun set.

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