Los Angeles CA

July 29, 2007


wide shot
On our way home from the Catalina dive trip we stopped at a Kwik-E-Mart.  This is the convenience store in "The Simpsons" cartoon.  This 7-eleven store was dressed up as a promotion for "The Simpsons Movie."  Bart and Millhouse are up on the roof.  On the left is the line we waited in just to get into the store.  For those of you who know Santa Monica this is the 7-11 on the corner of  Sepulveda and Venice Boulevard in Culver City.

3 for 3
This is one of the many special Kwik-E-Mart signs.

The famous Squishee machine got a work out.  This guy's job for the day is just to pour Squishee.  The red Wild Cherry is pretty good but stay away from the blue Vanilla.

Another quick quote form Apu the manager.

The staff at the real store look just like the real Apu.

Outside the store Jeff enjoys a red Squishee with Marge and Comic book guy.

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