Las Vegas with Dave

Las Vegas, NV

December 27, 2007


Dave with football
Dave explores Freemont street with a football of beer.  A 64oz foot ball of beer can be refilled for only $3.  Dave got his monies worth. 

Daniel Football
Daniel finishes his football in front of Mermaids.  They were sold out of deep fried twinkies but had plenty of free beads.

flamingo ice
In the morning these flamingo fountains had icicles hanging from their necks.  Yea by the time I took the picture the ice had melted back but it was there.

Aha Sin
Daniel believes Hooters is the root of sin. 

big balls
In Vegas everything is big including their balls.  These are the party accouterments for New Years Eve.

Dans cards
Daniel collects every stripper card given to him in Vegas.  Back home he had to sort them out, remove the duplicates, and alphabetize them by stripper name.

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