The Winchester House of Mystery

San Jose, CA

January 5, 2007


front of house
This is the front of the Winchester House.  It is a historical landmark in San Jose, CA.  Sarah Winchester began designing the house and building onto it in 1884.  It was continuously under construction until she died in 1922.  This is the older front of the house that was abandoned in 1906 after the big earthquake.  On the left side of the house near the round turret is the "Door to Nowhere."

door to nowhere
This is the inside of the "Door to Nowhere."  my picture of the outside did not come out.  This door opens to the outside of the house on the second floor.  There is no landing, stair, railing, nothing just an eight foot drop.  This is common to the architecture of the house to have doors and stairs leading no where or to bizarre locations.

This is Mrs. Winchester's bedroom. 

During the mid - late 1800s the winchester rifle was the best and most popular rifle in the new west.  One of the stories about the house is the ghosts of all the people killed by the Winchester Rifle haunted Sarah Winchester.  She had to keep building onto the house to appease and confuse the spirits.

I also went on the "Behind-the-Scenes Tour."  This is the coal fired boiler for the house. 

roof view
Here is a view of the roof tops.  This is all the same house. It just keeps going and going.  The bell in the tower is rung 13 times at 1300 hours every Friday the 13th. 

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