Budweiser Brewery

Fort Collins, CO

August 25, 2008


Budweiser brewery
The walk from the visitors center to the Anheuser-Busch brewery in Ft. Collins Colorado.

This is the emblem on the side of the building.

brew kettle
Here in the brew kettle the process of making beer starts.  The guide told us these are only the tops of the kettle.  The bottom is 2 floors below.  In the brew kettle  mash, water, and hops are combined and boiled.  From here the wort is transfered to the fermentation tanks.

beechwood aging
One of the final processing making the beer is beechwood aging.  The beer is transfered into these steel drums.  in the drums are strips of beech wood.  The beer absorbs some of the flavors from the beech wood.

can filler
This giant wheel is the can filler.  It fills something like 12 cans a second.

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