Cheapo Research Trip

Las Vegas, NV

December 17-19, 2008


Phiol with Pens
Time for another trip to Las Vegas.  This is Phil.  This year he is going to draw a ring around his arm for every drink he consumes.  This could be an interesting trip.

Robert hungry
Robert has diligently put up with the group arriving at the airport, renting the cars, checking into hotels, changing rooms, and wandering about on Freemont street.  He is so hungry he is ready to eat a picture of a $10.99 steak dinner.  We fed him real food shortly after this.

old new frontier
This is all that is left of the New Frontier hotel and casino.  You may remember I flew out to see the implosion of the hotel tower.  The place is now leveled and all that remains is a sign.  They plan on building a new casino here called The Plaza.

conquest of phil
Several days in and the ink is piling up and beginning to fade toward the wrist.  Good work Phil we see the inebriation is in full effect.

2 hours later with pie
This is the last picture I have of Phil on this trip.  The fun and the drinks and the pie have all caught up all at once. 

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