Cheyenne Wyoming

Cheyenne, WY

August 28, 2008


big boy
I visited Cheyenne Wyoming for a week long work trip.  There is not much to see in Cheyenne.  I did find this big steam locomotive.  It is call "Big Boy"

Engine 4004 is one of the last really mighty steam engines.  It was retired in 1958.  It has a wheel set of 4-8-8-4.  That means there are 4 guide wheels in front, a piston and set of 8 drive wheels, a second piston and 8 more 68 inch drive wheels, followed by 4 trailing wheels. 

boot 1
For some reason these boots were all over town.

boot 2
Here is another one.  Clearly they wanted them photographed so I did.

boot 3
Ok here is a third one.  Want to see more head up there yourself.

WY capitol
Cheyenne is the state capitol of Wyoming so naturally the cactus wanted a picture taken.

japan friends
Cactus Jack and I found some tourist friends from Japan.  They were in town and wanted to see what strange green thing I was taking pictures of.  Naturally we all took pictures.

The is the Cheyenne train depot.  Now it is a gift shop, museum, tourist info place.  There are a couple of those boots out front.

UP yard Cheyenne
This is the Union Pacific train yard.  I stopped by as shift change was happening.  We say about 6 trains pull in and stop.  The crew would change and the train would leave.

green door
What would a visit to Cheyenne be with out a visit to the Green Door. 

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