Deltona, FL

November 14, 2008


sugar mill restaruant
We started the day at the he Old Spanish Sugar Mill.
It is good to have locals who know where to go.

cooking breakfast
At the Sugar Mill we cooked our own pancakes right at the table.  There are 2 griddles build into the table.  Robert in the blue shirt is flipping his.  Rob, my new friend, is waiting for his to cook. Jeff is about to serve him self a delicious country style pancake with blueberries and pecans in it.

robert wake board
After a delicious and fun breakfast we hit the lake for a few hours.  This is Robert on a wake board for the first time.

mike bare foot
This is Mike our host and ski boat provider.  He is bare foot skiing.  Thanks for the boat ride Mike.

jeff two skis
This is Jeff rounding the corner on two skis.  Jeff says two skis no problem.  I tried one ski and that was just not working today.

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