South Mountain Hike

South Mountain, AZ

March 9, 2008


This is my friend Fred.  He is helping me at work with some new computer software.  Fred flew in for two weeks and we picked a beautiful weekend afternoon to hike around South Mountain in Phoenix.  Fred is from Canada and really enjoyed short sleeves in March.  He told me his house in Montreal received 75cm of snow last night.  That is a bit over 2 feet.

And here is a picture of me, Jeff. 

south mountain
And this is the Phoenix Valley in the background with a mighty Saguaro cactus and plenty or rain quenched green plants on south mountain.

desert poppy
The wild flowers are in full bloom.  The hills are covered with Desert Golden Poppies and Caterpillar weed, the little purple ones. 

green hill side
Here is a hill side covered with green and yellow.  Normally when I hike this mountain it is rocks, gravel, and dried up plants.

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