Halloween Camping

The Desert, AZ

November 1, 2008


drunk pumpkin
This pumpkin had a few to many beers and threw up as the train rolled by.  We had 4 pumpkins out on the side of the tracks.  Not all of them were drunk.  Photo by Robert.

Sunset in the desert.  Photo by Robert.

Here is my little truck and our two tents as another Union Pacific freight train rolls by.
Another photo by Robert.  I had my camera but it was not working.

passenger car
This is a rare site to see a Union Pacific Passenger car.  I cannot tell the number of the car but it was headed Eastbound.  Photo by Robert.

pumpkin head
This former Jack-o-Lantern wanted a better view of the trains so we set 'im on the fence post.  Photo by Robert.

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