Phoenix Light Rail is Open

Phoenix, AZ

December 29, 2008


Light rail train
This is the Amazing Phoenix Light rail train.  Robert took this picture.  I am actually riding this train and we met him at the airport station.

cruising around chris town
Here Jeff, cousin Jason, Daniel, and Dave walk the neighborhood at the last stop near Cris Town Mall.  Shortly after this photo we had to stop for drinks.

Robert Crashed
Robert tests length of the benches if you stretch out on them.  This was the one train with few people on it.

dave and dan
Dave and Dan ride a little further back in the car.  They are amazed at the little birds hitching a ride.

crowded train
After bird watching we stopped at George and Dragon for dinner and drinks.  When we got back on the train, it was packed with people.  It seems the Light rail is very popular when the rides are free.  It was about this full all 3 of the Free Ride Days.

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