New Belgium Brewery

Fort Collins, CO

August 29, 2008


new belgium logo
On our drive from Cheyenne back to Denver we stopped at the New Belgium Brewery.  They make one of my favorite bees Fat Tire. 

building outside
The outside of the visitors center and tasting room.  This brewery is not nearly as big as the Busch plant a couple of miles away but the beer is much better.

beer tanks
These are the beer making tanks and kettles where they make the fat tire.  We intended to go on the full tour.   The next tour was leaving in two hours so we had to take a miss on that. 

New Belgium tasting
They did let us taste some fo their fine beers.  It didn't take much to get Cactus Jack sloshed.  What a fun tasting room.  You order off the menu and the server will bring you your selections.

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