New Years Eve 2008

Arizona Desert, AZ

December 30, 2008 - January 1, 2009


sunset with train
The camp is loaded with fun seekers and a double stack freight train.

sunset 2008
Here is the last sunset on 2008.  Let the partying begin.

fire works 1
It isn't new years with out fire works.


fried turkey
The Wiesel's had their famous deep fried turkey. 

big fire
The fire got a little bit bigger than normal.

men watching
The men stood around wondering how the fire might get much bigger.

really big fire
They found a way to make the fire really big.  All the nylon chairs survived.

sunrise 2009
Neither alcohol, fire works, the 2am east bound Amtrak, or really large fires could keep the 2009 sun from rising in the east.  See how it is beautifully set like a diamond in a ring at the top of this mountain.  Well it too the sun about a hour to slowly creep up the left hand side of this hill.  Just far enough, out of reach to keep, us in the shadows and not be "official sunrise" until about 7am. Then I slept till about 2pm.

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