Plazzo Hotel

Las Vegas, NV

April 16, 2008


plazzo grand entrance
This is the beautiful grand entrance to the Plazzo hotel.  Behind the big fountain/statue that looks like ice but isn't is the front door.  Below at the end of the carpet is the casio.  Above is a georgious ornate skylight.

skylight with blue tape
The Plazzo cost 1.9 billion to build and this atrium is part of the grandure.  Look close at the center of the arch.

plazzo blue tape
You would think with a budget like that and the attention to detail that was invested in this hotel the blue painters tape wouldnt last more than a day or two. This tape was first spotted about a week after the casio opened in January.  It is still here three months later.  Oh well.  Steve Wynn finally had it removed in June.

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