Red Rock Canyon

Las Vegas, NV

April 30, 2008


Red Rock Canyon
This is Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.  This outcropping clearly shows the red rock.

flowers and cactus
It was the end of the rainy season and the wold flowers were just wrapping up.  Cactus Jack found a hill overflowing with desert globe mallow.

lip fern
This is a fern found in the desert.  It is called Cheilanthes (pronounced Kilanthees)or  Lip fern.

Joanne and Robert
This is Robert in the ball cap and his aunt Joanne Sharpe.  She is a super specialist on ferns.  Robert, Cactus Jack, and I had a fun time learning about the ferns of the desert on this trip.

Cliff brake
This is the fern Robert was taking a picture of.  It is called Pellea or Cliff-brake. 

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