Space Shuttle Endeavour Launch

Titusville, FL

November 14, 2008


the gang awaits
This is the gang I went to see the launch with Meghan, Mike Molly, Deb, Jeff standing with the big camera, and Rob taking the picture.  It should be noted that Pat sent out the big camera with instructions like let Jeff take some good pictures.  Jeff has not used a camera bigger than walk man in about 10 years, they have changed quite a bit.  Oh well the next pictures are from the big camera.  We claimed out spot along the banks of the river about 990 minutes before liftoff. 

on the pad
This is a picture of the Space Shuttle Enreavour on the launch pad before lift off.  It is about 12 miles away.  It is really had to take a picture of something that small that far away.

lift off
The silent lift off.  Well it was silent for about 15 seconds.  Then the beautiful roar of sound washed over us.  We were several miles away so the sound was at a comfortable volume.  The night launch is even more spectacular.  Still hard to take a picture.

trail across the moon
A shuttle launch is much like a fireworks show, people slowly show up for hours.  Then enjoy the event and all leave at the same time.  We camped out for about 45 minutes.  I took this 25 second exposure of the smoke trail across the moon.  The flood lights from the launch tower are also visible.  The moon provided all the light for this picture.

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