Cheap o Vegas Soiree

Las Vegas, NV

June 13-15, 2008


back side os City Center
This is the last of my 8 almost once a month trips to Vegas. 
We did a little driving around Vegas and this is the back side of the soon to be City Center.  This will be huge.  It is just north of New York New York and Monte Carlo.

Pinball museum las vegas
WE took a detour one day to discover the Pinball Hall of Fame.  This is a museum of pinball machines and most of them are working.  They still take quarters.  We all had about 2 hours of fun for only 5 bucks each.  Robert even found an old asteroids game.  It is mostly pinball.  The museum is located on Tropicana and Pecos. That is about 3 miles east of the strip.  It is really worth the trip if you get here.

Solar systm of Poker 08
This was the table I played at for the Solar System Series of Poker.  It was a very tough table everybody had their sun glasses on.  Getting a read off of some of these guys was very difficult.

trip aces on the flop
How often do you see triple aces on the flop.

Barneys at Palazzo manakin
After the poker tournament we headed over to the Palazzo.  These are the manikins in Barney's of New York.  I got scolded for taking this picture.  I guess the manikins are very modest.  Their back side is also on SALE.

palazzo pigeon trap
Dan feels a kindred spirit with this trapped pigeon on the top floor of the Palazo shopping pavilion.  We had to weave our way up the stairs in Barneys and then exit onto the 3rd floor.  I don't think this is a public attraction yet.

Pinp Jerry at the Soriee
At the Soiree Jerry is pimping it out.

Jeff at the soriee
Here is Jeff at the soiree.  The traveling wig starts making its rounds.

Robert and the Robb report
The wig attacked Robert next.  He spent some time researching how to spend his Vegas winnings.

Gold Spike under renovation
One of our favorite casinos The Gold Spike is under renovation.  The Copper Mine used to be back on the upper left side of this photo.

do-rag sign
After the Gold Spike is done remodeling and classing itself up.  Will they need this sign any more?

Glitter gultch view
This is the view from my room at the Golden Gate casino on Freemont Street.  The street looks different at 11am with the sun on full blast.

Jerry at Star Trek Experience
Jerry and I checked out the Star Trek Experience for one last harahh.  There were Vulcans and Romulans wandering about and Jerry corralled them into a picture.  There are big rumors that The Experience is going to close at the Hilton. 

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