Wine Wasting

Train Tracks, AZ

March 15, 2008


train camp
It is March and time to head out to the trains again for the Wine Wasting.  We set up camp right close to the train tracks.

kite flying
It was a little to breezy for launching rockets but the wind was just right for flying kites.  The moon was showing off during the day.  This made for a dark night.

wine racks
Here is the wine.  Racked up and ready to go.  Along with a very respectable assortment of cheese, crackers, chips, salsa, little smokies, fried chicken, cookies and other munchies.

gentelmen in ties
The rules for the wine wasting are fairly simple: bring a bottle or two of wine. Gentlemen must wear a tie, it just classes things up.  Ladies will wear a bonnet or hat (not a ball cap).  Then we drink the wine.

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