CES 2009

Las Vegas, NV

January 8-10, 2009


My friend Robert is schmmozing it up with the Navteq group.  Navteq provides the maps and live traffic data on many GPS units and cell phones.

tiny projector
There are many boots with pico projectors.  The small blue box in this guys hand is a video projector.  It is shooting on to the white piece of paper.  This video projector is smaller than a stack of 3X5 note cards.  It is great for small presentations or the airplane.  Set it on the arm rest and project the movie on the tray table.

flexible TV
Here is is the 2" OLED screen is flexible and bending.  You can kind see the curve in this picture and it really does have a picture on it.  Clearly in the R and D stage with the large copper ribbon cables leading down into a big black box.  This is the first step to flexible video screen.

While at the shoe we were in the audience for a taping of Celebrity Jeopardy.  This is as close as I ever got to Alex.  On our night they had problems with the score board.  They stopped the tape a couple of time and Alex came out and answered questions from the audience.  When the show played back you would hardly know there was an issue.

jeopardy group
This is the Jeopardy group shot.  Jeff on the right, Robert, Mike, and another Robert.  We all got commemorative seat cushions as souvenirs. 

car crash
Car crash on Freemont street.  AS we headed out for another day of convention fun this car seemed out of place on freemont street.  It jumped the curb on Las Vegas Blvd and rolled/skidded/slid all the way to 4th street.

car 2
Here is the car from another view.  The driver went to hospital for some broken bones and then to jail for DUI.

3D camera
Meanwhile back at the CES this is a 1080p High Definition 3D camera.  I saw a short film and it looked great. 

night strip ariel
Well it always herts to bid farewill to Vegas but here is a special airplane view of the strip.  In this view Ballys has the blue building with the red letters. To the right is Flamingo in the pink building.  Ceasers is between Bally and Flamingo.  Rio in the red swoop on the far left.

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