Horizon Dive

San Diego, CA

March 21, 2009


dinner at Miguels
We started out our Horizon Dive trip with Dinner at Miguels Cocina.  We are right on the water in San Diego Marina. Good way to start a trip on a full belly.

siloett diver
Diver and coral.

Leigh charged up her neon pink fins for the cold San Diego Water.  Notice how they glow in the water.

stone fish
This California Scorpionfish was hanging out waiting for a photographer to take the picture.  After a couple of pictures he wandered off in the hole in the background.

monk seal and cactus
The cactus shares a few special moments with a monk seal.  I don't think the seal has ever seen an Arizona cactus diving in his waters.

bunch of urchins
This is a bunch of spiny urchins.  They are very blue and purple.

sea slug over the urchin
I will not touch an urchin without thick gloves on.  This sea slug has no problem moving right over the urchins.

urchin and anemone
Here is another urchin and a backdrop of little anemones.  I have lots of pictures of urchins and anemones because the fish were just not swimming past me today.  I have many pictures of unidentified fish tails but no passable pictures of whole fish.  Oh well.

This guy is a lobster in search of butter sauce.  We call them bugs on the boat.

lots of bugs
We swam around to the other side of this big rock and found a whole cave full of bugs.  They remind me of the bug from the video game TRON.  Yea who remembers that.

looking at pictures
After dinner we all sat around and looked at pictures on the computer.

George and the van
George fills up the van with gas, washes the windshield, and prepares for the drive home. 

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