Cheap-o-Vegas Trip

Las Vegas, NV

Jan 22-24, 2009


robert Black
Look what showed up in Vegas.  Back in November Robert Stack lost a poker game and had to wear the Bob Black clothes in Vegas.  So he did.  Stack was absolutely thrilled to let this fabric touch his skin.

at the table
Matt gets his Moore limp and his game on.

Steve Troubadour has been searching five years for his lounge.  He finally found it at the Jokers Wild across from the craps table.  Five long years ago the lounge was lost in a stupid all-in-blind hand of Texas hold'em.   Steve went all-in on a no peek hand and lost to Burt the reigning champion.  Burt knew he could beat anything with his A-6 off suite.  Steve turned over 10-5 suited.  It turned out the Ace won.  About 6 weeks after the game Burt was enjoying the lounge when it simply vanished and was replaced by a swanky night club serving 27 flavors of Vodka served by skinny guys in striped shirts.  Until now the lounge has been missing.  Well maybe it happened that way.

How much more pathetic can Robert look in these clothes. 

Prius parking
Prius parking.

City Center
These are the newest towers.  This will be City Center.

Gold spike outside
We had to check out the new and improved Gold Spike.  It seems the ocals will have to go else where.

Spike Bar
Soon this will be the main bar at the Spike.

spike coffee shop
Soon this will be the snazzy new coffee shop at the Spike.

passing on the clothes
Robert did not loose the ACG book challenge.  Mike lost the challenge.  So Mike now receives Bob Blacks clothes.  The saga continues next time.

cactus millions
We found the million dollars is back at Binion's.  The cactus finds it soothing be to hangin' with the Benjamin's.

burt blogging
Burt took every opportunity he could to blog every minute of the trip. 

bill boyd bobble
The Bill Boyd Bobble Head welcomed us to brunch at Main Street Station for brunch.  Thanks Bill.

robert blintz
Robert finds the blintz every time we hit a buffet.

Steve and his daquri
At the new Encore Steve polishes off one Strawberry Daquari, and orderes andother one from the Steve Wynn House phone.  We really like the new Encore casino.  It is very red inside.

Encore inside
This is how incredibly red the inside of Encore is.  It would be similar to standing inside a Strawberry cream puff.

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