Worlds Longest Model Rail Road

Rio Verde, AZ

March 12, 2009


This is the Dynamite, Rio Verde and Eastern Rail Road.  It seems this is the Biggest Little Railroad in the South West.  My friend Rick, who avoided my camera very well, works with model railroads.  This train is G gauge.  G is for Garden.  Each car there is about the size of a smallish loaf of bread.

another view
Here is a view of the double track main line running around the corner and across a trestle.  The World record will be for a 1,200 foot model train.  This train will be about 6.7 scale miles long.

tressle maddeness
Here is the train snaking around two of the hand made trestles.  This is all the same train.  I could not find the lead engine or there would be a picture of it.

cactus standing guard
Of course He made it.  Sadly the World Record was not set this weekend.  It seems gravity is strong, even on model railroads. 

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