Cave Camping

Near Young, AZ

June 25-27, 2010


When we found the cave last month we vowed to return.  This time we brought reinforcements.

the gang
The gang hanging out during the day.  Dano, George, Danny, Linda, Nicole, Chris, Jim, Donovan, and Brett.

inside the cave
This time we came prepared for the cave.  Everybody had 2 or 3 lights.  Dano has a super light.  George has the camera.  The cave only goes back about 100 yards and has but 1 main room.  We had fun exploring several other rooms and climbing to different levels and ledges.  Hard to take pictures in a dark cave.

old pepsi bottle
In one of the cracks I found an old Pepsi bottle.  They don't make the short round bottles any more.  At the bottom is a Schlitz beer can with the old pull tab removed.

mitcha nd cactus
On the drive back to camp the cactus meets a new friend.  this is Mitch.  Mitch hangs out with Robin and Brett.  The 2 of them met over a beer in the woods.  They are getting along great.

agave with people
Around the corner from our camp we found a hillside covered with century plants.  Many of them have their flower masts up and in bloom.

Century plant flower
When the plant blooms it sends up this huge tower with the flowers on it.  The Red ones are young and the yellow ones have opened and bloomed.

two century plants
I had to look it up.  the century plant blooms after about 10 to 15 years.  When the shoot goes up it uses all the energy of the plant.  After the bloom the plant dies.  It only flowers once in its life.

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