Arizona Camping

Tonto National Forest, AZ

May 28 - 30, 2010


is that a cave
After a couple of hours four wheeling down dirt roads we stopped to take a break, drink some water and stretch our legs.  Chris, Nicole, John, Leigh, and the rest take pictures of a cool tree and this little 20 foot cliff.  After taking this very picture Jeff casually remarks "That is a big drop.  Hey? is that a cave?" 

Cave picture
About 10 minutes after the "Is that a cave" comment we are all 50 feet underground.  All seven of us desperately clinging to the beam of the one flash light the John thought to bring.

Cave with line
On the right notice the white line going deep into the cave.   After poking around for about 45 minutes we concluded we needed more than 1 flash light.

Lizard getting sun
After checking out the cave I found this lizard getting some sun on a tree.

senic mountains
After poking along for a while this scenic vista poped out from between the trees.

fire on tree
It looks like a couple of years ago a fire came through this area.  I looked to be a low fie.  The trees were burned and their bark is cracked and chard but the trees are still growing.

cactus in cactus
Even up in the mountains there are still cactus growing.  In May they are in bloom.

water tank
A few hundred feet from our camp site we found this big water tank.  The white pipe is the water flowing in.  A bit down hill was a water trough for the cattle to get a drink.

tents and cow
These are our tents in the morning.  This is a cow wondering who we are.  The water station is right behind the cow.

bush fire
Several of my friends are big NASCAR fans.  They didn't like this guy. 

hot fire
At night we had a nice hot fire.  It really was burning blue.  In the morning all these bottles were one big wad of glass.

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