Casa Bonita

Denver, CO

April 23, 2010


casa bonita front
Here is the cactus ready for a great night of fun and excitement at the pink palace Casa Bonita. 

This is my plate of food at Casa Bonita.  This restaurant is know for its atmosphere, astounding dining room, and seating capacity.  It is not know for great quality food.  These are quite possible the worst tasting enchiladas I have ever eaten. 

cliff divers
One thing you do come to Casa Bonita to see are cliff divers.  This is one of the dudes up on the ledge getting ready to jump in.  Ever wonder what happens to the kids on the high school swim team.  They end up at Casa Bonita refilling cola glasses and diving off the scary cliffs of the restaurant.

black barts cave
Another must see is Black Bart's Hide out.  This is a scary cave you can walk through.  The scariest thing about the cave is tripping over a 10 year old racing past.  Never the less the cactus braved the cave several times.  You gotta see the giant gems.

There is a little flag on every table.  Flag up and sopapillas will appear on the table.  The sopapillas was slightly better than the enchilada.

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