Cedar Point Ohio

Sanduske, OH

June 17-18, 2010


Top Thrill1
Top Thrill Dragster coaster.  This is the fastest coaster in the park running about 120mph.  It is a short ride but the quick acceleration is makes it fun.  Robert, Rob, and I rode this one twice.  Would have rode it more but the line was about forth five minutes.

coasters and cactus
The Cactus enjoyed the day too.  Seen here in front of Gemini and Top Thrill. We tried to ride Gemini three times.  It was broken down the first two times.  This made the actual ride that much more fun.

maverik line
Maverick is my favorite roller coaster in the park.  It is not the tallest or the fastest but for me it was the most fun.  I didn't get any good pictures of it, this is the line and some people waiting.  Up the stairs is the boarding area.

beer for lunch
One of the nice things about this park is enjoying a frosty beer at lunch time.  One is enough; don't want to make a mess after a crazy coaster ride.  No mess was made.

big splash
On a hot summer day nothing like cooling of on the flume ride.  We rode the flume ride then stood on the bridge and cooled off as the wave of water splashed over us.  This is the ride to get wet on.

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