Las Vegas, NV

Feb. 17-20, 2010


Firefly at Plaza
The gang is enjoying tapas at a Firefly.  This restaurant is in the flydome at the Plaza casino.  It is set just perfect to see the light of the Fremont street experience.  Care full with the tapas you can get really full with out noticing. 

phil and karl
If you walk down the Fremont street experience at at the right time of night you can find K-arl.  This guy can you you on the gigantic Fremont Street Experience screen.  Phil is talking to the dude and he is on the big screen.

jerry on screen
Jerry and Steve are on the big screen.  We don't know the other 2 guys they just got in the way.

stuffed Elvis
Also found on the Fremont street are a couple of Elvis.  A big red puffy one and one in the flaming white jump suit.  The spooky thing was the Las Vegas sign also had a person in it and moved around. 

more elvis
The next day I found a couple more Elvis on the street.  Here we find the getting fat Elvis and the fat Elvis.  It must be a good weekend for the look alike as they were all over the strip.  Behind them is a couple of dudes dress as the Blues Brothers.  There was a Michael Jackson on the corner too.

matt and avatar
After listening to Matt tell us what a crap movie Avatar is: epically long, over blown effects, and recycled plot; he received a shirt to remind him that nobody cares about his opinion and the world loves Avatar.  Matt attempted to seem gracious and tried to say thank you.

city center win
Robert won a four dollars on a video poker machine at the new City Center.  This represents the first and only good thing that happened at the City Center.  Robert proceeded to stick this gaming voucher into every picture we took at the City Center.

rest time
Rest time at the pyramid fields in front of Jean Georges Steak house.  This is another pile of art in the City Center.  Matt attempts to scold the group for taking a break.  Phil, Dan, and Robert did not care.  Jerry started to cry.

jerry grapps the ticket
After putting up with Robert and his $4 voucher for the last hour, Jerry takes advantage of the misplaced gaming voucher.  Robert deeply concerned that he has lost the money to pay for 2 granola bars or his entire days gaming winings.

cactus at cc
The Cactus is hanging out in the pocket park.  Trying to decide if it is time for shopping at the crystals mall or a beer at Todd English Pub.

phil at spike
We found the construction debris on the roof of the Gold Spike.  Phil felt it was time to do a Jack Ass at the Spike.

Phil on stage
Phil finds a brief moment of joy on stage.  It has always been his dream to dance with a brass pole.

fontainbleau sign
This is just said.  This is what remains of the 2 billion dollar Fontainbleau.  It ran out of money.  This picture was taken in February 2010.

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