Cactus Jack Really gets Around

These are places I , we have visited and really one picture is enough.

ASU vs Uof A
Giving a press conference at the Az State Vs. Univ. of Az Football Game.
 As an Alumni of ASU I must point out the final score ASU 34 UofA 20.

famous Las Vegas
Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada.

on the pole 49k
One early morning we did some shots inside the Tucson Firestation No.1.
The cactus slid down the fire pole but was overwhelemed trying to get into the boots and pants.
cactus in the fire boots

austin  k0K
Austin, Texas' State Capitol

santafe 39k
Inside the New Mexico State Capitol in Santa Fe.

seattle  34k
Trying to hold up the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington.

fat man 31k
This is a replica of the second atomic bomb "Little Boy" the cactus is riding it in Dr. Strangelove fashion.  Atomic Museum Albuquerque, NM

chuys 36k
Chuy's Restaurant in Van Horn, Tx is John Maddens favorite place to eat in west Texas.

co springs  27k
December in Colorado Springs, CO.  Cactus was to cold to complain.

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